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The dark side

PCC Taste | February 2014

chocolate stout cake

To complement the cold and black of late winter, we’re embracing the dark side this month (our apologies, Luke Skywalker). Here are a few of our favorite ways to eat and drink “dark.”

Try our recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake with Coffee Ganache »

pike brewing

The Pike Brewing Co. XXXXX Extra Stout

Locally brewed in the heart of Seattle, this black English ale is full bodied with a velvety malt texture. Available in 22-ounce bottles, it offers hints of chocolate, licorice and espresso.

dark chocolate bar

Vintage Plantations 100% Dark Chocolate Bar

It doesn't get darker than 100%. This bar features heirloom cocoa beans from Ecuador that are roasted slowly to produce a smooth, nutty flavor that's bold not bitter.

raw milk gruyere

Cave-aged Raw Milk Gruyére

Allowed to mature for 12 months in Swiss caves, this excellent cheese has notes of hazelnut and brown butter, perfect for a classic fondue on a cold night.


Lacinato kale

Also known as dinosaur kale, this hearty winter green has dark blue-green leaves and a slightly sweeter, more delicate taste. Plus it's a spectacular source of vitamins A, C and K.

theo blend

Caffe Vita Theo Blend

Local superstars Caffe Vita and Theo Chocolate joined forces to create this lush blend. The result: a medium-bodied coffee with dark fruit flavors and notes of nutmeg and brown sugar.

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