PCC Taste | July 2014

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PCC Taste July 2014

The sweeter side of summer

Don't wait for dessert to enjoy local, seasonal summer fruits. From grilled melon salad to a fresh apricot pilaf, these recipes use fruit to add a wonderful natural sweetness.

PCC summer cookout

• Check out PCC Deli side dishes offering traditional flavors or creative twists. • Explore our fun pairings for grilled sausages, beer and condiments. • Find what you need for great grilling, from cedar planks to marinades.

Cold brew for hot summer days

We have three ways to supply you with a flavorful cold brew coffee — DIY with your favorite coffee, bottled options, or a cool cup from our espresso bar.

What's in store

Check out our peak-season produce, organic iced tea and one-gallon basil plants, plus tasty recipes featuring that fresh herb.

Cool desserts

Hot days are perfect for no-bake desserts. Explore our collection of treats that will keep you cool while satisfying your sweet tooth.

A delicious kind of blue

We go crazy for LaPierre Farms fresh, plump, gorgeous blueberries every July. Learn what makes these berries so phenomenal and grab a recipe for Blueberry Ginger Sauce.

Going with the grain

Grain- and pasta-based salads are perfect for potlucks and other summer gatherings. Discover three quick-cooking options with seasonal recipes to try.

Ingredient know-how: hibiscus

The tart flavor and vibrant color of hibiscus are beloved worldwide. Try it in six recipes, including a caffeine-free iced tea that's perfect for hot days.

How can I eat healthy while traveling?

Eating healthy while on the road, in a hotel, or at the airport is a challenge but with some special planning and packing, it can be done. Here are our top tips.

Community and features

Enjoy the sunny season with summertime cooking videos, a fresh set of recipe cards and our sponsorship of the Seafair Milk Carton Derby.

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